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Change-Point Analyzer Software

    cpa-trade.gif (4494 bytes)        $80     Order in Store

   Version 2.3 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, including the 64-bit versions.

What is Change-Point Analyzer?

Change-Point Analyzer is a shareware software package for analyzing time ordered data to determine whether a change has taken place.  It detects multiple changes and provides both confidence levels and confidence intervals for each change.  The results are clearly displayed in table form and supplemented by easy to interpret plots.  It can be used with all types of data: pass/fail, individual values, averages, ranges, standard deviations, normal, nonnormal and ill-behaved data like bioburden and particulate counts.  It can be used to trend complaints, inventory turns, sales, particulate counts and just about anything else.

Change-Point Analyzer is simple to use, even for someone with no experience with control charting.  It can be learned in about 15 minutes by following the tutorials provided below.  It automatically verifies assumptions, checks for outliers and guides the user in handling such special cases.  It even comes with a Excel Add-In making it possible to perform the analysis directly from Excel.  For those in FDA regulated industries, it comes complete with a validation package. 

Change-Point Analyzer is an important problem solving tool which can be used to complement real-time control charts.   Analyzing control charting data using Change-Point Analyzer will help to better isolate the time of a change, help to identify more subtle changes missed by the control chart, and expose false detections.

When performing a one-time analysis on historical data, a change-point analysis is preferred to control charting, especially when you are dealing with large data sets.  When performing such analyses, a change-point analysis has numerous advantages over a control chart. 

Change-Point Analyzer was developed by Dr. Wayne Taylor.  It utilizes state of the art techniques including CUSUM charts and bootstrap analysis.


  • Detects multiple changes

  • For each change:

    • Provides a confidence level that change occurred

    • Estimates the time of the change and provides a corresponding confidence interval

  • Handles all types of data: pass/fail, individual values, averages, ranges, standard deviations, normal, nonnormal, counts, and ill-behaved data like bio and particulate counts.


  • More powerful than control charts at detecting sustained changes.

  • Better characterizes changes including detection of multiple changes, providing associated confidence levels, and providing confidence intervals for the times of the changes.

  • Reduces the number of false detections when dealing with large data sets.

  • Robust to outliers

  • Flexible:  The same procedure works for all types of data.

  • Simpler to use and easier to interpret


  • Change-Point Analyzer received ZDNet's four star rating.

Download Full Version of Software - Try Free for 30 Days

A full version of the software can be downloaded below.  After installing you can use it for free for a 30-day trial.  After 30 days, if you want to continue using the software, you must purchase it at a cost of US$80 ($86.60 for residents of Illinois).  Click the button below to download the installation program.   The file cpa12.exe will be downloaded.  Running this file will install the software on your system including the tutorials. 

Download   Additional install steps for Windows 7 through 10

To get started using the program, read the tutorials shown below.  Further information can be found in the help system.

Purchasing Software

    Purchase at our store   

To continue using the software after the 30-day trial period, you must purchase the software at a cost of US$80 ($86.60 for residents of Illinois).  You can purchase the software using our web store.  Otherwise you can purchase by Fax or mail using the following  order form.  Also available are site licenses.  A user name and registration code will be emailed to you along with further instructions allowing you to continue using the software.  You also get free upgrades for 1 year.  

Further Information:


Tutorials: To learn how to use Change-Point Analyzer and see examples of it in action, select any of the following.  You must have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view the files.

Technical Articles:  For those who want to understand how Change-Point Analyzer works.

Articles Published by our Customers:  See how change-point analysis is being used.

  • The Impact of a  Celebrity Promotional Campaign on the use of Colon Cancer Screening: The Katie Couric Effect - Peter Cram, A. Mark Fendrick, John Inadomi, Mark E. Cowen, Daniel Carpenter, Sandeep Vijan - Archives of
    Internal Medicine (July 14, 2003), Vol. 163, 1601-1605.

  • Movement-Related Changes in Synchronization in Human Basal Ganglia - Michael Cassidy, Paolo Mazzone, Antonio Oliviero, Angelo Insola, Pietro Tonali, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro and Peter Brown - Brain (2002 June), 125 (Pt 6), 1235-46.  Brain is a prestigious neuroscience journal.  Change-point analysis was used to analyze the reaction of the brain track to certain stimulus allowing comparisons between treated and untreated patients with Parkinson's disease.

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