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Registration Dialog Box

Used to enter registration information into software so that it can continue to be used after the 30-day free trial period.  The registration user name and code must first be obtained by registering the software.

Registration User Name:  The user name under which the software is registered must be entered exactly as provided to you in the registration notice including spacing, punctuation and capitalization.

Registration Code:  The registration code provided must be entered exactly as provided.  It consists entirely of digits and upper-case letters.

Once the user name and code have been entered, click the OK button or press the Enter key to process the registration information.  If the information entered is incorrect, an error message will be displayed.  Otherwise the registration information is accepted and saved.  The software may now be used by the licensed party.  The registration information will be displayed in the About dialog box and the splash screen that is displayed when the software is starting up.

Clicking the Cancel button or pressing the Esc key instead cancels the registration process and closes the dialog box.  The Registration dialog box is displayed by selecting the Enter Registration Code menu item on the Help menu or clicking the Registration button on the About dialog box.