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Plot Options Dialog Box

The Plot Options dialog box is used to customize a plot.  The options that can be customized appear on the following 7 tabs:

Title: Specify title or sub title at the top of the plot.

Axis Style: Specify axis style, tic marks and aspect ratio.

Y-Axis: Specify labels and scale for Y-Axis (left side).

X-Axis: Specify labels and scale for X-Axis (bottom).

Key: Specify whether and how to display key to lines at side of plot.

Lines: Specify colors, styles and values for lines.

Other: Specify whether to autoscale, for selecting resolution and selecting number of lines/contours.

When done, click the OK button or press the Enter key to close the dialog box and update the plot.  Clicking the Cancel button or pressing the Esc key instead cancels any changes and closes the dialog box.

This dialog box is displayed by selecting the Plot Options menu item on the popup menu in the Analysis Results window.