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Getting Started

(1) Enter Data:  Enter the data using the spreadsheet in the Data window.  The data is generally entered in columns.  You can also type the name of the variable at the beginning of the row or column.  An example is shown below:


(2) Select Data to Analyze:  To select an entire column, click on the header at the top of the column.  If there are multiple samples per time period, select all columns or rows containing data.

(3) Click Fast Analysis Button:  The Analysis Status dialog box is displayed while the analysis is being performed.  When the analysis is complete, the Analysis Results window shown below is displayed giving the results of the analysis.


Once you have mastered the basics, you can add labels to your plots, analyze subsets of your data and more by performing a custom analysis.  Just press the Custom Analysis button instead.  Excel users might prefer to perform the analysis directly from Excel using the Excel Add-In.